What a Pleasant Surprise!

Well, based on the number of Ohio license plates, Florida is the number 1 vacation destination for Buckeyes, but where do Floridians vacation?  There were 4 couples in our van from the airport to the resort – 3 from Bradenton and 1 from the Villages (near Ocala). What are the chances?!?  We were all on the same flight and all went to the Hard Rock Vallarta.  At check in, we met a group from Cincinnati. Then we wandered down to the beach and met 2 more couples – 1 from Bradenton and 1 from Akron. Unbelievable! We’ve met no one else so far! One of the Bradenton couples has a son who lives in our neighborhood.  Small world.




This area is probably the most scenic beach vacation we ever take.  The bay is magnificent and being surrounded by mountains is a bonus.




It’s just WOW!

Fun at the Pool!  Order drinks and food and get them served right at the pool.  The swim up bars are fun too.  Stay cool and enjoy a refreshing beverage.  This is a smaller resort so the walk from your room to the pool to the beach is very short.  I Love It Here!







I just had to post this one from the past (2009)…….you can’t help but smile when you see this little face!



I think this was our last dinner in Vallarta.


0 20171016_193042


Our friend, Billy, met with one of the chef’s and asked him to make all of us a special dinner, shrimp scampi.  He agreed but was not working on this night, so he left our order for someone else to prepare.  This cook did not know how to make shrimp scampi so he sent some of the wait staff to our table to ask us how to make it.  We gave them some instructions, in English of course, and after a few minutes, they left our table with confused faces.  We all laughed and wondered what we might be getting.  I must say, they did an excellent job for what they knew.  It certainly wasn’t the best we’d ever had, but it was quite tasty and we didn’t go ‘home’ hungry.  What a fun fun night!!!


0 20171017_091302


Our new friends invited us to see Rhythms of the Night.  We traveled across the bay by catamaran to a private beach, lit only by candles and lanterns, where we watched an outdoor Cirque style show.  Pretty Cool.  They had little restaurants set up all along a nice path where they served us dinner.  The boat had great entertainment.  It was so much fun!!!  In the past, we have also taken sunset cruises that are nice too.



We spent plenty of time with our new FL friends – lots of laughs and stories.  This was on the catamaran to Rhythms of the Night.  We all got free tickets by sitting through a vacation package presentation.  It’s a hard core sell.  Painful and painfully long.  We always say we won’t do it again and every now and then, we do.







Rhythms of the Night show.  He had front row seats.  The weather was beautiful.  Dinner was good.  The private beach where they took us was nicely done and the water was WOW!   Even though it was dark when we arrived, the water was lit by the docks and the boats and it was crystal clear.  We could see so many fish, large and small, swimming around.







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