Venture Out By ATV

Four Wheelers are a great way to travel and an amazing way to see Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay.  Estigo Tours did a great job for us.  They give everyone a clean bandana to borrow to cover your mouth and nose in case it’s dusty off-roading or just to look cool.  We just used ours to look cool.  I think it worked!  Just look at us!!!


No experience is necessary to drive the 4 wheelers – just a valid driver’s license.  They teach you how to shift, back up and drive fast.  What else do you need?  If you’re not a fast learner, you do at least have on a helmet.


This was a great tour around the town and into the mountains.  This was also a private tour with just us and our guide.  He knew the area well and was full of information.  He took pictures all day and then sent them to my email before I was even back to the hotel for FREE.  Nobody gives you pictures for free anymore.  What a great added touch.  I would definitely recommend this company.  Very friendly and accommodating.  They hooked us up with Alberto, our driver for the afternoon.  We did this trip in the morning – maybe 9am.


Bring or wear sunscreen.  Our tour was plenty sunny!  I love the sun.


We left the downtown store on the 4 wheelers and drove through town a little ways.  WOW were those cobblestone streets bumpy!  Lots of interesting sights along the way.  Traffic watched out for us.  Not scary at all.  Not even intimidating.


After the town, we went into the jungle.  I had no idea the ride could get bumpier.  I’ve done ATVs through the jungle before – several times.  I had my big camera with me and only a little hand towel from the hotel and a dry bag.  I don’t know why I wasn’t better prepared.  I am the one who booked the trip so I know what to expect.  I wrapped the camera and flash in the towel and secured it in the bag and tucked it into the trunk compartment.  There was nothing else in there so it was free to slide and bounce around.  I was a little nervous.  Well maybe more than a little.


About 30 – 45 minutes later, we arrived at our first stop.  I was so nervous to open the trunk and see if my camera had survived.  For the entire off-road journey, I kept hearing a banging noise and I knew for sure that it was my camera bouncing around.  Once our guide opened the compartment, I cautiously opened the bag and pulled out my camera.  All looked good.  I turned it on and took a picture.  YEAH!  It had survived.  The bag hadn’t even moved from the corner I tucked it into.  WOW!  The noise I had heard – the banging – was the lid not being secure.  I was so happy.


Our first stop was a nice park part way up the mountain and very scenic.  We had time to hike around on our own.


We went to the last bay town on the road leading out of Vallarta for lunch, Boca de Tomatlán, an authentic Mexican fishing village.  Our guide had told us about the wonderful fish they serve, fresh caught each morning, so I had to have it.  I didn’t even look at the menu.  He ordered it for me and then it arrived!

0 20171012_121342

Doesn’t that look amazing!

No!  I didn’t think so either.  ‘OMG!  What am I going to do with this?’  That my first question.  I would never have ordered a whole fish, but I was so glad I did after I got over the shock of seeing it on my plate and ate it.  It was delicious and wonderful and WOW!  We have Thai Fry in FL but they don’t put the yummy spicy sauce on and I haven’t yet figured out how to make it.


This is truly a beachside lunch.

0 20171014_094059





What an amazing place to have lunch.  We were just feet from the water enjoying fresh seafood, homemade fresh salsa, guac, and chips.  It was just GREAT!  Be sure to visit Mi Ranchito Seafood Bar & Grill.  You won’t regret it.

Here is my review:

It’s a 5 star.

We booked this tour online thru Estigo Tours. They had great reviews and kept in contact with me via email.  All 3 of the tours we booked with them were private.  How awesome is that??  They gave me great directions for our taxi driver and everyone at the store was friendly and helpful when we showed up.  After we returned, they seemed to genuinely care that we had a good time.


We had a great time!!!

Here is my review:

In case you can’t read it, it’s a 5 star.












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