Enjoy Your Resort…..Relax A Little

Our first ‘no kid’ vacation in quite a while has begun.
w0 20171010_142045

Amazing Bahía de Banderas!

0 20171010_174920

Although almost nothing washes up on this beach, we rescued at least 10 sand dollars in low tide (that was for you Abby), but we kept the cone-shaped shells because we’ve never seen them before and they were empty! The water temp was between 86 and 88 – pretty warm!

0 20171010_181853
0 20171010_175218

We bought a ‘vacation package’ in 2006 while vacationing at the Moon Palace in Cancun.  We have used it many times and the Hard Rock Vallarta is part of that package so we’ve been here 3 times (2006, 2009, 2017).  The rooms are comfy but not overly spacious which is fine because we don’t spend much time there.  We like to be out enjoying and exploring.


The pools and spa are great.  I usually get at least one massage and a pedicure.  Our girls always get manis and pedis.  The view from the salon is gorgeous.

0 20171016_122350

0 20171015_184108

This beautiful view makes you forget that someone is ‘torturing’ your feet with sharp instruments – my husband, who hates to get pedicures reluctantly agreed to go.  I think he only cried a little:)

0 20171015_180835

0 20171015_184059


The resort is all-inclusive which we love.  No need to carry around money or cards – just order what you like – tips are already included too.  If you don’t like what you ordered, order something else.  Drinks are included too.  Even though I always tell everyone that I don’t drink, I do enjoy a few cocktails while vacationing.  I prefer grasshoppers and after I’ve had a few, I like to call them grasshoppas – my Boston accent.

0 20171010_143422


We like to have fun with the staff and they generally love to have a good time with the guests.  One of our pool waiters ‘borrowed’ a guest’s scooter and used it to deliver drinks.  The man thought it was a riot!  One day, the same waiter jumped in the pool – shoes and all and served drinks dripping wet.  It was a hot day!  The staff is happy that the Americans are there and are very friendly and accommodating.  They go over and above and that makes us want to come back.  We don’t get that kind of service everywhere else that we go.

0 20171016_135451

The first thing we noticed when we got to the beach was all the tall beautiful palms have been replaced with just a few new smaller palms.

0 arial

An arial view of Hard Rock Vallarta.  It is all-inclusive and a super nice resort.  The staff is great – very helpful and friendly.


In October 2015, Hurricane Patricia, a Category 5 storm, the most powerful cyclone ever measured in the Western Hemisphere with sustained wind speeds up to 200 mph hit near here and wiped out the palms. According to the locals, Puerto Vallarta has never been directly hit by a hurricane.


The door to……..


Gorgeous beach front property with amazing views of the Sierra Madre mountains and the massive Banderas Bay.  What a wonderful get-away!!!


No worries.  There a few of these guys around but they are harmless and much more fearful of us than we are of them.


I love how their colors change.

0 20171015_150032

During our first stay here, my 10 year old daughter, Stephanie (who is now 23) and I tried the Vallarta style of parasailing.  You put your harness on on the beach and then run on the sand until the boat lifts you up.  Awesome view from the air!  Then when it’s time to land, they set you down fairly gently on the beach and you run until you can stop yourself.  It seemed very intimidating, but once we did it, we thought it was easy.  I don’t think they do it that way any more.  Since then, we have always been lifted from the back of a boat.



We visited the resort next door and found this gorgeous area.



Looking south from Hard Rock.









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